What Dog Owners Need to Know About

CANINE LYME Disease...

Canine Lyme disease is a growing concern to dog owners, because the disease is increasing in numbers and also expanding geographically. You should know the facts and clearly understand the risk factors for your own dog.vet_click_here

Information on this website will help you determine the canine Lyme disease threat in your area, as well as the level of risk for your dog due to activities and lifestyle. Take the Risk Quiz to find out. If you feel your dog is at risk, see your veterinarian.

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Lyme Disease
Is Your Dog at Risk for Lyme Disease?
Answer the following questions to see if your dog is at risk.
1. What province do you live in?
2. Have you ever found a tick on your dog or any other pet or person in your household?
3. Do you live near woods or tall brush?
4. Do you bring your dog along while walking, hiking, camping, picnicking, hunting or fishing?
5. Where do you travel with your dog?
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The threat of Lyme disease is probably greater in dogs than in humans
Dogs will often show no signs of Lyme disease